Punjabi singer Kuldeep Purewal missed out on the Untouchables Reunion Podcasts, what a shame!

Kuldeep Purewal, a UK-based Punjabi singer, known for his hit tracks with RDB, has recently spoken out against Britasia TV for excluding him from the Untouchables Reunion Podcasts. Purewal has contributed to many soundtracks that are associated with RDB albums such as hit tracks ‘Sonay Gabroo’, ‘Balle Balle’, ‘Melay Vich’, ‘Tenu Thakia’ & ‘Daru’.

Balle Balle by Kuldeep Purewal was the opening soundtrack of RDB’s Sounds of the North Album which gained global recognition back in 2002.

Despite his significant contributions, Purewal was not included in the Untouchables Reunion Podcasts, which has caused him to break his silence on the matter. His exclusion has raised questions about the selection process for the podcast and why the production team has not acknowledged Kuldeep Purewal as being one of the main artists under the Untouchables record label. Fans are wondering why Kuldeep Purewal has not even been mentioned by any of the guests on the podcasts and or the channel’s presenters.

The channel’s presenters and research team consider ‘Finding’ artists who are locally based because it allows them to showcase their talent within the community. However, it is important to recognise that there are talented artists outside of Birmingham as well. It may take time for some Birmingham-based individuals to accept this, but it is important to expand our horizons and appreciate art from all areas.

Kuldeep Purewal’s Tenu Thakia & Daru were featured in RDB’s Unstoppable album in 2003. The album gained popularity in nightclubs across the UK and beyond.

Purewal’s fans have expressed their disappointment and frustration on social media, calling for Britasia TV to explain why he was not included. The singer has yet to receive a response from the network, but his supporters continue to rally behind him in hopes of getting him the recognition he deserves.

Kuldeep Purewal is a well-known artist who is often associated with Punjabi singer K.S Makhan. They have been childhood friends, college-going students, and are both from the same village. Kuldeep has worked with several world-famous music producers including Ustad Charanjit Ahuja, Aman Hayer, Jeeti, and Sachin Ahuja.

Kuldeep Purewal is a prominent Punjabi singer in the UK who has established his own independent record label, Kuldeep Purewal Music. He remains active in the music industry and continues to produce his music.

It’s a valid question to ask why mainstream media lacks research and treats artists unfairly while remaining biased towards those who have made it to Bollywood. It’s important for media outlets to provide fair coverage to all artists and not just those who have achieved mainstream success. Research and unbiased reporting are crucial for the growth and development of the arts industry.

Article: Sanj Dhillon | bhangranews.com

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