Punjabi singer & Filmstar ‘Amar Noori’ 1st Instagram Live with Bhangra News Editor ‘Raman Siayn’.

Punjabi singer and filmstar Amar Noori made her first public appearance on Instagram Live with our Bhangra News Editor Raman Siayn. The up-close conversation gained global attention as viewers tuned in to hear about Amar Noori’s music, films, and personal life. The relaxed and casual discussion highlighted her dedication to Punjabi culture and how it has evolved over time.

Amar Noori shared her dedication to promoting Punjabi culture through her work during the interview. Her music and films have made a significant impact on the industry, and her fans eagerly await her next project. We also highlighted the late legend Sardool Sikander and their sons Alaap Sikander and Sarang Sikander, who are bringing something new and fresh to the music scene.

As we celebrate International Women’s Month, it is essential to recognize the contributions of women like Amar Noori to the entertainment industry. Her talent and dedication have made her a role model for aspiring artists and a beloved figure in the Punjabi community.

Article: Sanj Deol | bhangranews.com

The full interview is now available on YouTube for viewers to watch.

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