Punjabi singer ‘Amar Noori’ to go Live with Bhangra News Editor ‘Raman Siayn’

Amar Noori, the renowned Punjabi singer, filmstar, and wife of the late Sardool Sikander is making her first public appearance via Instagram Live with Raman Siayn, the UK-based presenter, and editor at Bhangra News. Despite many British Asian media outlets not have managed to have the legend on their television channels, Amar Noori has decided to go live with our team member to talk about her music, films, and International Women’s Month, and celebrate her contribution to Punjabi cinema.

Amar Noori has been a part of the Punjabi music and film industry for over two decades. She has released several hit songs, as well as acted in several popular Punjabi films. Her music is known for its upbeat, energetic sound, and her films for their strong female characters. She has been an inspiration to many aspiring female singers and actors, and her influence on the industry is undeniable.

The Instagram Live session with Raman Siayn will be a great opportunity for fans to connect with Amar Noori better and learn more about her contribution to Punjabi music and film. It is sure to be an interesting and informative session, and fans are sure to be delighted to hear from the legend herself. This is a great way for Amar Noori to reach out to her fans and celebrate her contribution to Punjabi cinema.

Article: Jas V | bhangranews.com

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