How has the music industry evolved? Founder of Music 24 Records Darrpan Bangejaa shares his honest answers.

From the era of buying empty cassettes and recording your favorite songs to subscribing to premium on Spotify, the way we consume music has changed drastically. Producer and founder of Music 24 Records ‘Darrpan Bangejaa’ has presented his perspective on this evolution, highlighting the industry’s growth and adaptation to new technologies.

Over the years, the music industry has undergone significant changes in terms of technology, genres, and audiences. In the past, radio and a few TV shows were the only options for listening to songs. However, with the advent of technology, we now have a plethora of applications that offer free and quality music listening services. As the founder of Music 24 Records, I have witnessed this growth firsthand and am proud of the progress we have made.

Darrpan Bangejaa shared his thoughts on the evolution of the music industry, noting that there has been a significant shift in both genre and lyrics. He explained that in the past, the industry was limited in its exploration of different genres, but today there is a willingness to experiment with a wider range of musical styles. Additionally, he observed that people are now more open to enjoying songs in languages other than their own. Despite these changes, Bangejaa emphasized that the importance of lyrics has remained a constant throughout the history of the industry.

During the conversation with the producer, Darrpan Bangejaa noted that the audience has evolved and become more aware of different types of music. He also mentioned that people are more receptive to suggestions and ideas, which has greatly benefited the music industry. Bangejaa emphasized that the audience’s criticism has played a crucial role in improving and expanding the industry.

Darrpan Bangejaa, known for his soulful music videos such as Mushkurana Tera and Janaza, is now producing multiple Punjabi and Haryanvi music videos. He gained popularity with the release of his music album, OG Studio, and is now planning to launch the second season.

Great news for Punjabi music fans! Darrpan Bangejaa has exciting plans to collaborate with multiple Punjabi artists in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on these upcoming projects.

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